The EGO POWER+ Blower was the first cordless blower to exceed the performance of gas!

EGO Power+ LB4803 480 CFM Blower

The EGO POWER+ 480 Leaf Blower brings many new things inspired by other models, its light weight, brushless motor, lower vibration and longer motor life make the EGO Power480 Lithium Ion Cordless Blower a compatible product for outdoor use with long battery life and rechargeability. The EGO POWER+ 480 CFM blower outperforms many of the gas blowers on the market today. Featuring vortex fan engineering inspired by advanced aerospace technology, it delivers industry leading power. You can set up camp and use it to remove debris and mow grass for your tent. This way you can use the EGO Power CFM 480 to its full potential and gain the advantage.



Variable speed control lets you dial the power up or down to tackle any job.


Move more debris—just push a button to get the max power of 480 CFM.

480 CFM

Turbine fan engineering delivers a whopping 480 CFM so you can power through heavier debris.


Recommend for use with 2.5 Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery to get up to 75 minutes of run time on a single charge.


The EGO POWER+ 480 CFM Blower outperforms many gas powered blowers on the market today. Equipped with turbine fan engineering, inspired by advanced aeronautics technology to deliver industry-leading power; a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers a lightweight, compact design for longer runtime, reduced vibrations and extended motor life. The EGO POWER+ Blower was the first cordless blower to exceed the performance of gas! Compatible with all EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium™ batteries to deliver Power Beyond Belief™.


Design: The EGO 480 CFM is the smallest leaf blower on our top cordless leaf blower list at 8” x 6.7” x 35.8”.The compactness of this device is largely tied to the fact that it does not come equipped with a cord. Besides, it does not require oil or even gasoline to run since it runs on battery. This makes it less bulky and easy to operate by the user. The mouth of this device is also quite large and effective. EGO Power+ equipped this device with a wide-mouthed tube which covers a large area as compared to other blowers. A unique point worth noting here is that EGO Power+ has equipped this device with a modern battery that is bound to last longer.

Performance: EGO Power lithium ion featuresThe performance of the 480 CFM cordless blower is beyond par. Irrespective of the fact that it runs on battery, the 480 CFM air flow clocks at 92 MPH making it ideal and perfect for the job. In addition, the turbine fan is largely borrowed form aeronautics technology. In this, there is a brushless motor that is compact and ensures that the device lasts longer than average blowers, has reduced noise and it is light to the user. Another point worth noting is that to facilitate different kinds of performance, the device comes with three variable speeds. These are the High-Efficiency mode which blows at a rate of 250 CFM, the high power mode at 385 CFM and finally the turbo mode that blows at 480 CFM. Respectively, these will give you approximately 60 minutes, 18 minutes and 10 minutes of runtime. You are therefore at full control and at liberty of choosing between the three modes.

Pricing: The device is quite cheap as compared to other blowers form the competitors. Besides, it is an efficient tool considering that it runs on battery. The portability aspect tends to beat all the other models that run on gas or electricity.