The EGO LB5804 is a cordless handheld leaf blower delivering 580 CFM at 168 MPH. It features a 5 Ah 56 V Li-ion POWER+ battery.

EGO Power+ LB5804 580 CFM Blower

The Ego Power+ 580 CFM packs a powerful punch and is one of our all-time favorite cordless leaf blowers.The Power+ 580 CFM includes a 56-volt, 5-amp-hour battery. This lasted approximately 36 minutes and 53 seconds in its high power mode and 19 minutes and 17 seconds with the Turbo setting enabled. This blower blows away the rest of the package and removes the heavier debris with ease. Allowing you to spend more time cleaning up leaves and debris and less time walking around. It has an above-average battery life, is ergonomic and comfortable to use, and is not too loud. This quiet, lightweight and compact blower gets the job done better and faster!



Variable speed control lets you dial the power up or down to tackle any job


Move more debris—with the push of a button you get the max power of 580 CFM

580 CFM

Turbine fan engineering delivers a whopping speed of 580 CFM so you can power through almost anything


Recommend for use with 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery to get up to 75 minutes of run time on a single charge


The EGO POWER+ 580 CFM Blower is the most powerful cordless blower in the industry! Turbine fan engineering, inspired by advanced aeronautics technology, performs better than premium gas-powered models. The high-efficiency brushless motor delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life. The included flat and tapered nozzle attachments make clearing debris even easier. This quiet, light-weight and compact blower gets the job done better and faster! Experience Power Beyond Belief™ without the noise, fuss and fumes. Compatible with all EGO Power+ ARC Lithium™ batteries.


Power: The EGO LB5804 is a cordless blower with a maximum air volume rating of 580 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and an air speed of 168 MPH.

Power delivery: This blower has a brushless, battery-operated motor. Thus, the user won’t have to worry about tripping over pesky cords when they’re busy working their lawn.

Battery: Its 5 Ah 56 V Li-ion POWER+ battery (1 BA2800 battery included) offers a maximum autonomy of 75 minutes on a full charge.

Handling: With its handheld design, this leaf blower was created with portability in mind. Most users will have no problem using it almost anywhere. Be aware that, at 9.7 lbs, the EGO LB5804 is on the heavier side for cordless handheld blowers.

Speed Settings: There are times when you only need a little more power, while other times you will want a bit more precision when clearing leaves and debris.

Noise: Its noise rating of 65 dB can be considered the standard for similar electric handheld blowers.